Monday, July 7, 2014

Land of Dreams by Kate Kerrigan

I picked up this ARC last week at ALA because of the tagline: "In 1940s Hollywood, not all that glitters is gold..."

After the first few chapters, I realized that it's third in a trilogy.  I don't think I missed much though--the author did a great job of telling everything that happened in the previous books. In fact, I think I learned TOO much about the past. 

Ellie Hogan is from Ireland, but has made quite the life for herself in New York as an artist.  She makes enough money to survive on her own and raise her two sons, both adopted while married to two previous husbands.  Now her oldest has run off to Hollywood to become an actor.  She chases after him to bring him back home, but ends up helping him try to make his dream of being a star come true.

There's a little romance in this one, but I just didn't fall in love with the writing. I won't be going back to read the previous two novels in the series.

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