Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beka Cooper Book 1: Terrier by Tamora Pierce, Read by Susan Denaker

I have to admit that I almost stopped listening to this audiobook, but I'm so glad I didn't! Pierce creates a world in Tortall that is amazing. The keepers of the peace in town are called "dogs" and are basically cops. Guns don't exist though, so they carry knives and clubs. Beka Cooper had a rough life on the streets (think Dickensian poor folk) but was lucky to find shelter with her family at the lord's manor. But, instead of choosing the life of a servant, Beka becomes a "puppy" and is apprenticed to two "dogs" who don't usually train newbies. Beka soon gets the nickname Terrier. Why? She grabs onto her prey and never lets go. She's amazing--going after criminals through taverns and slop piles and seeing clues that no one else sees. But Beka is special because she has a little bit of magic in her. The magic helps her tremendously, even when her own sisters turn against her. Beka is one strong female character--a plus for fantasy readers like me.

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