Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bride's Farewell by Meg Rosoff

2010 Alex Award Winner!

Meg Rosoff won the Printz award for How I Live Now and I wasn't a fan of that title. So I went into this book half-halfheartedly and was pleasantly surprised. I liked the fable-feel to the book and how there isn't much description. It's short (214 pages but a small book) and a quick read.

Pell runs away on her wedding day, taking only her white horse and her adopted brother Bean, who is mute. She isn't sure where she is going or what's she is going to do, but she's good with horses, and that counts for something in her time and place. If it weren't for the first sentence of the book stating the time as 1850-something, I would have guessed an earlier time. The book has a quest feel to it, but Pell doesn't really have a goal in mind. But Jack (the horse) and Bean disappear and then she has her goal--find Bean and her horse. I liked the quiet feel to the book and the Grimm's fairy tale vibe.

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