Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fashionably Late by Beth Kendrick

I'm a huge Project Runway nut so I like reading books about fashion, too. And those who have seen me dress know that this is a very strange obsession, since fashion is *not* what I'm known for. :)

Becca Davis (the character has the same name as my friend who sings opera!) has been dating Kevin for five years and he has their future mapped out. But when he springs for a ring and a house, she panics and realizes that she has to try to capture her dream of being a fashion designer before it's too late. Becca runs to Los Angeles to live with her sister, but Hollywood isn't too kind to the Davis sisters. Becca's sister becomes pregnant with twins and poor in the same week. Becca gets swindled by a star's agent and can't handle dating a handsome, risk-taking older man. But love comes around and Becca's life starts turning around. Of course! This is a romance novel! :)

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