Monday, May 23, 2011

Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Read by Sarah Drew

I loved this author's Before I Fall, so I was looking forward to reading her new one. I wasn't disappointed. In this future society, love is a disease called Delirium. Lena is a few months from having the operation to her brain to stop her from getting this horrible disease. She and her best friend are looking forward to it, but then something dreadful happens. Lena falls in love with someone who looks like he had operation, but didn't. And she loves it. She realizes that maybe "they" have been lying to her for her entire life. Maybe love is a good thing? Lena must decide to escape to the Wilds with her boyfriend or stay and be a good girl and get her operation. It's a big decision, and, of course, this book leads to #2 in the series, Pandemonium, due to be published Feb. 2012.

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